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Coast is a subprime auto finance provider based in Santa Ana, California. We work with independent automotive dealers in order to provide the utmost personalized auto finance solutions. With over 15 years of superior subprime auto lending experience, Coast is dedicated to providing pristine customer service and expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission at Coast is to provide independent automotive dealers with the most flexible, personalized and competitive financing programs in the region. Coast continuously strives to not only help automotive dealers, but provide superior assistance to those that need it most—hardworking individuals and families looking to purchase vehicles for their future. We firmly believe in giving anyone and everyone in the community a chance to finance one of the most valuable tools known to man—transportation.

Our Values

Coast’s values are simple. Our diverse team continuously strives to provide the community with opportunity through integrity, diversity, creativity and service.

  • Opportunity: We give you the opportunity to purchase means of transportation through our personalized lending programs.
  • Integrity: Coast takes pride in high-quality work. We make sure to stand by all our commitments at all times.
  • Diversity: We cherish the individual needs of people with distinct backgrounds and walks of life.
  • Creativity: Coast provides a hands-on approach to automotive sub-prime lending.
  • Service: We take the time to appreciate each and every one of our clients and customers. Our duty is to serve.

Our History